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attack in the gaza strip and they want president obama to end aid. >> the power has just gone out. we have been dealing with power outages but this feels like war. may not have been declared but feels like war. >> she is in gaza, not far from where the attacks occurred. 2,000 ground troops are
from gaza hit the town. television station in israel are reporting that because of insertion is expected tomorrow. hamas is the palestinian political party that controls the government in the gaza strip. >> president obama has been touring in the damage in new york left by super storm sandy he was also on staten island. he met and talked to some of the people that have lost property in still need help. some families do not have electricity. after two weeks. it is government- owned island power authority is now or the center of a class action lawsuit. it is being investigated by the state or response time. along with con ed >> james holmes the accused shooter in the our rock movie theater aurora... in colorado, was taken to the hospital today at a " half- hearted attempt to commit suicide. he ran headfirst into a jail cell wall. he is scheduled to appear in court today but that hearing had been postponed. he's accused of shooting 70 people, killing 12 of them at a midnight screening of " the dark night rise is " in the month of july. >> some light rainfall approaching the coas
president obama was inaugurated, the israeli government launched an invasion of gaza and pull the troops back just before president obama was inaugurated. once again, after a presidential election, the israeli government has been taking action against the population in gaza. the difference now is, the situation has changed dramatically in the arab world, especially in egypt. what is your sense of the egyptian government, the test this poses to the egyptian government and its relationship both with israel and the palestinians? >> i think by the nature of the operation we're seeing their pose to cast led four years ago is that israel is sticking -- taking more care for collateral damage. according to mohammed, 540 so far in gaza, and 23 committee 24 the people he mentioned, killed in gaza, that is significantly the -- and cast lead. i have not seen the names of those people killed, but i anderson and most of them are combatants. i don't want anyone to be killed, and i think this whole operation could of been avoided. the reality is, it is your is considering its relationship with -- israel
than 250 rockets in israel. many landed this towns across from gaza. israeli prime minister said his country is ready to do what it takes to defend its people. u.s. president barack obama spoke with netanyahu. they agree they need to stop attacks. morsi says the israelis must realize their aggression will only lead to instability in the region. iran has condemned israel's military assault on the gaza strip. the iranian foreign minister had to convince israel to stop its military aggression. >>> another round of talks on iran's nuclear program is about to resume. negotiators will meet in brussels next week in their latest attempt to move the discussions forward. negotiations between the six nations and iran have been suspended since they last met in june in moscow. the two sides have failed to make any significant progress on the issue. they are demanding iran halt its program. it's concern that the end product could be used to develop nuclear weapons. foreign policy chief kathryn ashton and negotiators of the six countries will discuss a new nuclear proposal for iran. >>> the company
says the action is in response to days of rocket fire out of gaza. >>> there is some optimism after president obama met with congressional leaders to begin talks on how to avoid the fiscal cliff, when a series of tax cuts expire and spending cuts kick in. john boehner said he outlined a framework that is consistent with the president's call for a balanced approach of both higher revenue and spending cuts. >> our challenge is to make sure that you know we are able to cooperate together, work together, find some common ground, make some tough compromises, build some consensus to do the people's business. >> while we are going to continue to have revenue on the table it is incumbent for my colleagues to show the american people we are serious about cutting spending and solving our fiscal dilemma, i believe we can do this and avert the fiscal cliff that is right in front of us today. >> the president began the meeting on a chordal note, wishing speaker boehner, shaking his hand, a happy birthday. >>> an oil rig exploded in the gulf of mexico 25 southeast of grand isle, louisiana. two cr
minister arrived in the gaza strip this morning to meet with palestinian officials about the attacks. >>> president obama is in budget negotiations with top members of congress. democrats and republicans say they will work together in order to get a deal done. if they don't, the u.s. economy could fall off the fiscal cliff. tara mergener has more. >>reporter: president barack obama sat down with congressional leaders as democrats as republicans look for a way to avoid the fiscal cliff. if the two sides don't reach a budget deal before the end of the year, automatic spending cuts and tax hikes will kick in and possibly throw the economy back into a recession. >> so our challenge is to make sure that we are able to cooperate together, work together, find some common ground. >>reporter: the president is promising $4.4 trillion in budget cuts over the next 10 years. he also wants $1.6 trillion in new revenue, including higher taxes on families making more than $250,000 a year. >> a modest tax increase on the wealthy is not going to break their backs. >>reporter: but republicans say t
came pout. >> they need to stop. military attack on gaza strip. the message for the american people. they need to take a stand. >> the protesters also called on president obama to end u.s. aide to israel. >> members of congress saw the attack on the u.s. consolate in benghazi firsthand. that was recorded on security cameras. cbs news reporter david martin's sources told him what they show. >> reporter: the first video of the attack was captured by cell phones. it took about 10 more days for the fbi to get its hands on video taken by security cameras. that class fewed video shown to the house and senate intelligence committees answers sop of the questions surrounding the attack. a u.s. intelligence official shows it has no sign of how it -- the attack was not well planned. the attackers did not know the layout of the compound. the attack lasted about an hour. the surviving americans retreated to a cia safe house about a mile away where they continued to take fire from small arms and rocket propelled grenades. after another hour the shooting stopped. for four hours no shots were fired
is to stop the firing. we left gaza, we don't want to reenter. >> in this particular case, the timing is very curious. it's right after the u.s. elections are over, president obama made a deal, gave israel iron dome and then all of a sudden, there's no incursion into gaza. right after our elections are done, all of a sudden on november 8 a two week lull in violence is broken by israel when they shoot and kill a 12-year-old boy. you might say it's an accident. every time a civilian is killed, israel says it's an accident. there's an awful lot of accidents. then there was a ceasefire and in this case, israel broke the ceasefire by killing jubarek. why did israel start the aggression november 8 and break the ceasefire? >> there have been three ceasefires in the last month all violated by the terror groups. egypt mediated quietly to bring quiet to the region. three times in the last month and there have been 300 rockets fired at israel within the last month from inside gaza. every time we try to reach a ceasefire with hamas, it was violated from their side. we don't want the rocket fire. we'd be
para evitar aumentos de impuestos y grandes recortes al presupuesto el primero de enero.obama quiere que cualquier plan para reducir el deficit incluya incrementos de impuestos a los mas ricos del pais. tanques de guerra y tropas de israel se movilizaron hoy hacia la frontera con la franja de gaza y el gobierno autorizo que sean llamados los reservistas...estas medidas fueron tomadas despues de que los bombardeos aereos israelies fracasaron en detener los cohetes disparados por militantes palestinos desde el territorio controlado por el grupo hamas.el departamento de estado de estados unidos culpo a hamas por la escalada de violencia. el gobierno federal y el fiscal general de nueva york estan investigando la bebida "5-hour energy"...lo estan haciendo despues que la "fda", la administracion de alimentos y medicinas recibio quejas de que dicha bebida pudo haber provocado 13 muertes y 33 hospitalizaciones en los ultimos dos aqos.esta es la segunda vez en un mes que la fda confirma que esta investigando quejas de que bebidas energizantes causan reacciones mortales. estas son las noticia
presidente barack obama. >>> primero tel aviv y después jerusalén fueron blancos de cohetes de hamas, pero crece la posibilidad de un ataque terrestre de israel a gaza, para eso israel movilizó a decenas de miles de reservista, enrique zimmerman con la información. >>> con columnas de humo a ambos lado de la frontera, hace 3 días, tras 150 cohetes lanzados desde gaza, la fuerza aerea de jerusalen >>> cada vez que suena la sirena, ella dice que se protege en el refugio, dos indicios que hamas está dispuesto a escalar sus ataques, en jerusalén la sorpresa es total, el primer ministro de israel tuvo una reunión con los ministros de defensa. >>> el líder israelí advirtió que su país continúa la lucha contra el terrorismo, 16 mil reservistas fueron movilizados el viernes, el gobierno de israel debate la posibilidad de movilizar 59 mil miembros más de la reserva, haddid cree que no hay que atacar pero está en minoría. >>> al escalada de violencia va en aumento, 3 cuartos de la población del país, viven bajo la sombra de los misiles, ante esta situación la reacción de israel es
at the gaza border. >> a parade float carrying wounded vets and their families is struck by a train. >> three employees face criminal charges from the gulf oil spill. >>> staten island support. president obama visits one of new york city's neighborhoods hardest hit by hurricane sandy. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, november 16, 2012. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm duarte geraldino. this morning israel offered to temporary stop its offensive at the gaza strip with rocket fire. israel said it would hold fire during the egyptian prime minister visit as long as hamas held its fire. the president isisiting to show solidarity with hamas. shortly after the prime minister militants fired rockets into israel. violence between israelis and palestinians intensified this week with both sides firing rockets across the border with israel. the israeli military kept up its offensive overnight and into the morning. an air strike hit the ministry building. israel struck at suspected hamas sites. palestinian health officials said 19 people have been killed in gaza since the israeli o
by rocket fire, bombs falling in gaza at the same time. george mitchell is the former special envoy for the obama administration for the middle east peace process. take a listen to what he said earlier on cnn about a potential all-out war in the region. >> and the danger now is that if it is, it could spread. not just the damage to israelis and palestinians, but if you had a conflict that spreads throughout the region, it could be hugely destabilizing and costly to everyone involved. >> fareed zakaria's joining us now. he's the host of cnn's fareed zakaria gps. fareed, you heard what george mitchell is saying, his experience in the region, do you believe there's a real possibility this could turn out to be an all-out war? >> no. i don't. i think that at the end of the day, keep in mind, israel has the most powerful military in the region by far. this provides enormous deterrent capacity by which the president of egypt might make fiery speeches, the president of turkey might say some emotional things. none of them are going to risk taking on the israeli military. so i think the reali
tanks on the gaza border. and u.s. congressional leaders met with president obama and voiced hope they'll reach agreement on avoiding the fiscal cliff. and online, an update on the health care law. kwame holman explains how to find out if your state is building an insurance exchange. >> holman: use our map to discover which states are setting up their own plans, and which have asked for federal assistance. that's on "the rundown." on "making sense, economics correspondent paul solman compares the federal budget to how a family makes its budget. plus, nova takes viewers inside the mega-storm called hurricane sandy. it airs sunday on most pbs stations. all that and more is on our web site, judy. >> woodruff: and that's the newshour for tonight. on monday, we'll look at president obama's trip to the southeast asian nation of myanmar, where he'll meet with opposition leader and nobel prize winner aung sang su kyi. i'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. "washington week" with gwen ifill can be seen later this evening on most pbs stations. after that, ray hosts
, no impact on markets whatsoever. more trouble in gaza, probably no major market index on stocks. the real free-market factor here is the ongoing obama post-election sell-off. down 700 points since the reelection of barack obama. where do we open this friday morning as we close out week? we will probably be ever so slightly higher. that is not much of the gain after a 700 point loss. a modest move up, i would buy everybody to watch for any leaks in headlines coming out of that meeting with the white house with president obama and congressional leaders. it is on the fiscal cliff. any week that comes out of there will probably affect and move the market. when is the last time you use a pc? may be like a lot of people you switched your computing to a smart phone. dell, very big name in pcs looking bad because of the weaker pc market. where are we? nicole: it is down 3% again. we are hearing the story we have heard on "varney and company" for several quarters, week pc demand. dell is trying to change its business and grow revenue in the coming quarter. what it means is there numbers plunge nea
resumed their rockets. there was an intense exchange. 85 rockets were fired into gaza in a period of only 45 minutes. targeting those stockpiles of weapons and long range rockets in particular. >> martin fletcher in tel aviv. thanks. >> "the new york times" reports that the obama administration has been given an assessment about what intervention in syria might require. the pentagon says a u.s. military effort to seize the stockpile of chemical weapons require upward of 75,000 troops and the "times" reports that senior american officials are concerned that the militant group hezbollah have set up training camps near the chemical weapons depots. >>> four people were killed in texas when a freight train slammed into a parade float carrying wounded veterans. this is just terrible. the accident happened at a railroad crossing in midland, texas, as the float tried to get around the safety gates and lights. the float was made with a flat bed trailer with chairs for each of the veterans. in addition to the four deaths, others were injured. >> this may be one of the most tragic events we've had i
the naacp and aarp among others. the reverend al sharpton will also be there. president obama is pushing for a plan to cut the deficit that will include tax increases on the wealthy. >>> a conflict between israel and palestinians in the gaza strip is now threatening to escalate into a ground war as the israeli army is moving troops to the border this morning. in the last couple of days, hamas militants fired up to 500 rock nets israel and israel's prime minister is warning of a significant widening of the operation. israel is now gathering tanks and troops and armoredpersonle. >>> a local high school principal is on leave after she was accused of assault. >>> the company that makes so many of the jump foods that america loves could be reaching the enof the line. we are back in a moment. time is 6:is 1. -- so many of the junk foods. -- time is 6:11.  how far will people go to relieve their sore throat? try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief.
relationship for their own sake and the good of the global economy. >>> air strikes in gaza continue despite an agreed 24r50e hour cease fire. japan may see its seventh prime minister in six years as the country dissolves it lower house. and president obama meets with top u.s. lawmakers today it begin budget talks as the fiscal cliff deadline looms. still to come, nintendo and microsoft are duking it out for a holiday sales boost, but will digital downloads be the grinch that steals christmas? we'll discuss. >>> gap's third quarter profits jumped 60% beating forecasts on on same store sales growth and improving margins. gap is raising its full year outlook and shares are up 3% after hours. and video game makers may have some lumps of coal in their stockings. sales down for 11 straight months. but with the new console from nintendo and tree io of blockbur titles, they may find some holiday cheer. ed, how important is the holiday season and when it comes to whether it's the console or some of the new games, are these going to be able to stem the red tide that we've seen? >> the holiday season
military strikes that included dozens of hamas links in gaza. >>> cripples managed to steal more than a million dollars -- criminals managed to steal more than a million dollars worth of ipad meetings. >> plus president obama's emotional meeting with some disaster victims on staten island next.  >>> president obama made his second trip to the northeast since hurricane sandy. parts of the area are still in n shock after the storm leveled towns and -- in shock after the storm leveled towns and left areas flooded. >> reporter: embracing his role as comforter and chief, president obama toured staten island, parts of which were devastated by hurricane sandy. >> i promise to everybody that i was speaking on behalf of the country when i said we are going to be here until the rebuilt is complete and i meant it. so i'm going to come back today, but i'm also going to be coming back in the future to make sure that we have followed through on that commitment. >> reporter: he visited a fema disaster recovery center which provides hot pleas and showers and offers -- meals and s
has never been targeted by gaza roberts before. tel aviv and the occupied territories have been focused on. president obama spoke with israel's prime minister and egypt's president. what is the goal of the united states as we watch this play out? that is a big question. general, what is the role of the united states or? >> right now, the role of the u.s. is to be a mediator. certainly there is very little we can do and israel and hamas does not want to seek her help either. they are trying to serve as a mediator between the israeli and egyptian leadership, emphasizing there is nothing good that can come out of this for any of these entities. israel, the city of gaza, or egypt. doctor bed and invasion. speak to the president is planning to head this weekend to the east. he said this is part of a previously planned trip. how do you see a? >> jenna, i would disagree. i don't think the role is for him to be a mediator as president. i think it is to be a strong supporter of israel. he has been under rocket fire for months. they have obtained iranian missiles which are being used to t >>> no backing down. just more bombs. is israel gearing up now for a ground war in gaza? >>> steering clear of the fiscal cliff. president obama's drawn his line. will republicans draw theirs? both sides face to face this morning at the white house. >>> down that long road to recovery, we're going to see the real barack obama. >> the president consoles some of the victims of hurricane sandy, but can he deliver on his promise to help? big question there. welcome back to "early start," everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. >>> first, president obama and the top four congressional leader will meet at the white house to begin talks again on the fiscal cliff. that deadline now just 46 days away. the president has said he won't extend tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. for republicans, that's a nonstarter. clearly, a lot of work to do. cnn's jill doherty is following developments. she's in our washington bureau. jill, the president said he'd like to put up a bill right away to extend tax cuts for families earning less than $250,000. that doesn't seem like it'
the specter of a ground invasion. president obama called benjamin netanyahu to pledge his support and morsi to assert israel's right to condemn itself and president morsi did not agree. saying today and i quote... >> eliot: to discuss the growing violence in gaza, i'm joined by our good friend, recently re-elected congressman jerry nadler of new york. sir, always a pleasure to have you on the show. >> good to be here. >> eliot: this is an escalation and a moment of tension that's unparalleled in recent years with one of the strikes, the missiles from gaza actually landing in a suburb of tel aviv. what is the next step to hopefully de-escalate this crisis? >> i'm not sure. the next step, if it is going to be deessa cated the next step is for the president to talk to perhaps to the egyptians and through them to hamas and get everybody to step back. that's what hopefully will happen. >> eliot: hamas has been launching, as i just said, on a daily basis 1,000 missiles over the past year. israel said enough is enough
lands in tel aviv. israeli troops massing at the gaza border, thousands of reservists called to duty. this is war. question, is this war going to spread? next question, why shouldn't israel just wipe hamas out for good? we are learning that president obama wants more tax hikes than any would imagine. it's the second story. that moves us close to stalemate and recession. that's right. still not much talk about spending cuts. so tonight we have budget cutting hawk jeff flake, the senator-elect from arizona. then there's this -- >> watch out. they're stealing the hostess twinkies. >> watch this. here's your reward. >> thanks! >> the question is, will the union succeed in stealing the twinkies forever? the ceo of hostess speaks out and speaks to us about this subject. >>> first up, breaking news out of the middle east. at this hour, israel giving the green light to call up 30,000 reserve troops and is moving forces toward the gaza strip. this is war. this after tel aviv came under rocket fire attack for the first time in 20 years today. and where is president obama on all of this? let's
and gaza, are, are they on the brink of war? we'll discuss that with the israeli deputy foreign minister amid real fears of an invasion. and the costs of obama care. why one restaurant owner says he's going to be adding to every customer's check to pay for it. hi, i just switched jobs, and i want to roll over my old 401(k) into a fidelity ira. man: okay, no problem. it's easy to get started; i can help you with the paperwork. um...this green line just appeared on my floor. yeah, that's fidelity helping you reach your financial goals. could you hold on a second? it's your money. roll over your old 401(k) into a fidelity ira and take control of your personal economy. this is going to be helpful. call or come in today. fidelity investments. turn here. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ it is so good. (child screaming underwater)... (underwater noises). >>> morning, welcome, everybody. could we be on the brink of a major conflict in the
think the obama administration has rightfully been supportive of israel. what the administration is clearly trying to do is enlist the support of arab states. i would think that qatar would be one of thechl. just in gaza ten days aing to convince the arab states to get on with hamas and convince them to pull back because hamas is going to create a major problem if they continue these rocket attacks. the other thing that the israelis and americans are worried about, of course, is spill over from the syrian civil war. you saw israeli tanks fired into syria because syria had been lobing rockets into northern israel, maybe going after rebel groups and misfiring. nonetheless, israel's sovereignty now has been assaulted both in the north and now in the southern part of israel bordering gaza. it's a very, very difficult strategic situation for israel in the midst of this turbulence in the arab world. >> you're not kidding. button it up for us, ken. >> we have to be careful about suggesting that the egyptians will want to break the treaty between israel and egypt. there's a lot in it for
obama told benjamin netanyahu that he understands israel's right to self-defense in light of countless rocket attacks on israeli civilians being launched from gaza. the president urged that prime minister netanyahu make every effort to avoid civilian casualties. do we think this administration has were leverage in making sure that happens? >> i mean, the israelis really feel that they have gone too far. they simply could not hold back from defending themselves because of the hundreds of attacks. trying to stop that, trying to tell israel not to defend itself is really impossible, but that said, the danger of this, of course escalation and all-out war is really very high. that's why this administration is trying to, you know, urge both sides to stop. it's obviously not being very successful. >> you know, tony blair has put a lot of political capital in this trying to come up with a peace agreement for the middle east. he spoke about this recently, what he sees is happening. i want to play a little bit for you. >> the single thing that's most important straight away is to try and calm th
that and there is no pressure from egypt to do that as well. bill? bill: leland vittert on the border between israel and gaza city. we'll talk with ambassador dan gillerman live in tel aviv. that is coming up in 10 minutes. martha: back here at home and the issue of the fiscal cliff as president obama meets with congressional leaders at the white house today. been a busy week for meetings at the white house. they will discuss a compromise perhaps to stop the so-called fiscal cliff. there is new reports out there, signs some willingness to compromise perhaps on the issue of raising taxes but here is sort of where both parties have stood in recent days. >> there are ways to put revenue on the table without increasing tax rates. we talked about this now for over a year. >> we can not afford to extend the bush tax cuts for the wealthy. what we can do is make sure that middle class taxes don't go up. martha: all right. that's where it has been for some time between those two sides. if this is not resolved, 158 million americans will be affected in terms of their taxes going up. of average households will pay $350
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)